Let your code lift off, free from toil.

Jetpack builds tools that make cloud development a delightful experience. Whether it’s setting up development environments, or deploying to Kubernetes, we’ve got you covered.

Develop at the speed of thought and spend less time on toil.

Jetpack builds tools that make it easy to build, deploy, and scale complex cloud applications in Kubernetes with minimal configuration. Our solutions are built from experience at some of the largest technology companies in the world to help your project achieve it's full potential.
"packages": [
"shell": {
"init_hook": [". shell.sh"]
"start_stage": {
"command": "node server.js"
Build reliable, consistent dev environments with Devbox
Devbox uses the power of Nix to create isolated, reproducible development environments for any workflow. Spend less time setting up your environment, and more time coding.
Reproducible local shells for any project
Define a list of packages and settings, and Devbox will use Nix to create a reproducible environment on any machine.
Try new tools without polluting your laptop
Add a tool to a Devbox shell, and remove it when you don't want it anymore – all while keeping your laptop pristine.
Deploy any project to Kubernetes, hassle free, with Launchpad
Launchpad provides the best developer experience for deploying any application to Kubernetes. Skip writing pages of Kubernetes YAML, and deploy in seconds with Launchpad's minimal deployment config.
Build and deploy with a single command
Launchpad up can build any image, push to your Docker registry, and generate Helm charts in one step.
A Heroku-like experience on any cluster
Update base images, attach sidecars to services, and upgrade infrastructure all in one place, no manual migrations required.
> launchpad init
# What is the name of this project? my-project
# What type of project is this? Web Application
# Which cluster do you want to deploy to? jetpack-cloud
> launchpad up
# Step 1/3 Building Docker image...
# Step 2/3 Publishing Images...
# Step 3/3 Deploying project to your cluster...
# [Done] App deployed in 25.5s
# App deployed to namespace "my-namespace"
# App reachable at https://my-project.cloud.jetpack.dev
Provision your team and synchronize configuration with Mission Control
Mission Control gets your team up and running on Kubernetes on day one, and provides enterprise-grade provisioning and deployment management across your entire org.
Instant Kubernetes onboarding
Mission Control manages cluster access, secrets, and provisions dev environments across for your entire team with a single login.
Push security and config updates instantly
Update base images, attach sidecars to services, and upgrade infrastructure all in one place, no manual migrations required.

We are open-source first.

Checkout the Devbox and Launchpad open-source codebase on Github. Feature requests are always welcome.

Unlock the power of Kubernetes

Launchpad makes it easy for teams of any size to leverage the power and advantages of Kubernetes, without the steep learning curve and toil.
Services deployed with Launchpad are configured to automatically scale horizontally, and jobs orchestrated with Launchpad automatically scale to zero.
Fault Tolerant
Launchpad orchestrates your services as Kubernetes deployments and jobs, so you can take advantage of automatic restarts and retries.
Smart Defaults
All of our tooling is built to provide production-ready security and configuration, so you can launch to the customers on Day 1.
Cloud Native
Launchpad leverages CNCF supported containers and technologies under the hood, so your systems can build on the strength of the community.
Developer Friendly
Launchpad provides a single workflow for developing and deploying applications, and centralizes configuration in a single repo.
Open Source
Launchpad's core framework are open source, and free to use, no matter your scale.

Join the community

Discuss ideas, uses and builds with the Jetpack team and others.

Be ready for take-off

Our team has decades of experience managing Kubernetes migrations and deployments and companies like Twitter, Airbnb, Stripe, and Facebook. Our migration experts can help you get up and running in no time