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Using Devbox in CI/CD with Github Actions

This guide explains how to use Devbox in CI/CD using Github Actions. The devbox-install-action will install Devbox CLI and any packages + configuration defined in your devbox.json file. You can then run tasks or scripts within devbox shell to reproduce your environment.

This Github Action also supports caching the packages and dependencies installed in your devbox.json, which can significantly improve CI build times.


devbox-install-action is available on the Github Marketplace

In your project's workflow YAML, add the following step:

- name: Install devbox
uses: jetpack-io/devbox-install-action@v0.2.0

Example Workflow

The workflow below shows how to use the action to install Devbox, and then run arbitrary commands or Devbox Scripts in your shell.

name: Testing with devbox

on: push

runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- uses: actions/checkout@v3

- name: Install devbox
uses: jetpack-io/devbox-install-action@v0.2.0

- name: Run arbitrary commands
run: devbox shell -- echo "done!"

- name: Run a script called test
run: devbox run test

Configuring the Github Action

The devbox-install-action provides the following inputs:

Input ArgumentDescriptionDefault
project-pathPath to the folder that contains a valid devbox.jsonRoot directory of your repo
enable-cacheCaches the entire Nix store (your packages) in Github based on your devbox.json.
devbox-versionPins a specific version of the Devbox CLI for your action. Only supports >0.2.2latest

An example of this configuration is below:

- name: Install devbox
uses: jetpack-io/devbox-install-action@v0.2.0
project-path: 'path-to-folder'
enable-cache: true
devbox-version: '0.2.2'