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Apache can be automatically configured by Devbox via the built-in Apache Plugin. This plugin will activate automatically when you install Apache using devbox add apacheHttpd

Example Repo

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Adding Apache to your Shell

Run devbox add apacheHttpd, or add the following to your devbox.json

  "packages": [

Apache Plugin Details

The Apache plugin will automatically create the following configuration when you install Apache with devbox add


  • apache

Use devbox services start|stop apache to start and stop httpd in the background

Helper Files

The following helper files will be created in your project directory:

  • {PROJECT_DIR}/devbox.d/apacheHttpd/httpd.conf
  • {PROJECT_DIR}/devbox.d/web/index.html

Note that by default, Apache is configured with ./devbox.d/web as the DocumentRoot. To change this, you should copy and modify the default ./devbox.d/Apache/Apache.conf

Environment Variables



We recommend copying your httpd.conf file to a new directory and updating HTTPD_CONFDIR if you decide to modify it.