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An Introduction to Jetpack

Jetpack is a backend development platform for quickly building auto-scaling, fault-tolerant backends on the cloud without requiring distributed systems expertise.

Write your business logic using the programming language of your choice, annotate your functions using our SDK, and we'll transform your application into a scalable backend that runs on Kubernetes.

We provide:

  1. A Zero DevOps workflow: we build, deploy and autoscale your code on top of Kubernetes – all without requiring Kubernetes expertise or DevOps work. Get the best of both worlds: the ease-of-use of a platform-as-a-service similar to Heroku or Vercel, coupled with the flexibility and power of Kubernetes.
  2. A clusterless programming model, that makes it possible to write complex distributed systems as a traditional, monolithic application. After annotating your functions using our SDK, we do the hard work of transforming your program into a scalable and fault-tolerant backend that uses microservices behind the scenes.

This introduction further explains how Jetpack works and the principles behind it. If instead you want to deploy something very quickly, and start using the platform as soon as possible, please head over to our quickstart.

Development Status


Jetpack is currently offered as a developer preview

We are releasing new versions nightly – you should expect some bumps along the way, but we take your feedback seriously and address issues quickly.

If you have any feedback or require support, please reach out through our developer community.