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What programming languages are supported?

Launchpad can deploy any containerized application, and currently supports all programming languages.

Is Launchpad Open Source?

Yes. Our core functionality is available under the Jetpack Community License. You can view the source code at

Is Launchpad free?

Yes. Our cloud offering has a free-tier that is free forever.

How do you make money?

In addition to a free-tier, we offer paid tiers of our managed service, Mission Control.

What features does Mission Control provide over Open Source Launchpad?

Mission Control includes features to help you accelerate Kubernetes onboarding and development for larger organizations.

Launchpad Starter features include the following for up to 3 users and 1 cluster:

  • Onboard developers to your cluster in one step with Launchpad Auth
  • Manage and store secrets across your projects with Launchpad Env
  • Automatic Preview and Production URLs for your projects on deployment
  • Bundled API Gateway with Ambassador Edge Stack
  • Create, view, and delete managed clusters

Launchpad Pro features Include:

  • Unlimited users and clusters
  • Jetpack Premium Support

Our team is new to Kubernetes, what support does Jetpack provide?

For users who need help migrating their services to Jetpack and Kubernetes, we offer White Glove Kubernetes Migration as an add on to Launchpad Pro. Our Kubernetes experts can help you switch your existing workflows to Kubernetes and Launchpad without the stress?