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How Launchpad Works

Launchpad is a framework that empowers developers to orchestrate complex Kubernetes backends directly in their code, minimizing the amount of toil and configuration required to get their projects up and running. Build, publish, and deploy your application to the cloud with the Launchpad CLI

Deploying your app with the Launchpad CLI

Launchpad CLI streamlines the Kubernetes build, publish, and deploy workflow into a single command, providing developers with a simple, consistent workflow for deploying any project to Kubernetes.

Launchpad CLI generates the Helm Charts and ConfigMaps you need to deploy your app on Kubernetes

Zero DevOps Deploys

All developers have to do is run launchpad up to deploy their project to their cluster, and the Launchpad CLI will generate the Kubernetes YAML and Helm charts needed to deploy their code as a distributed system.

Develop against your cluster

Jetpack provides tools to continuously develop and iterate on your project live in your cluster. Using launchpad up will deploy your project to a development namespace, and automatically configure logging and port-forwarding so that you can test your service in the cluster.

Skip the configuration steps with Jetpack Mission Control

Developers can further simplify their service configuration by deploying Jetpack Mission Control to their cluster. Upon logging in, Mission Control will automatically sync cluster credentials and provision development namespaces for your entire team.

In future releases, Kubernetes admins can also use Mission Control to customize Launchpad's default helm charts or provision additional infrastructure for their teams.