Portable, Isolated Dev Environments on any Machine

Devbox creates isolated, reproducible development environments that run anywhere. No Docker containers or Nix lang required


Reproducible development environments wherever you go

Share your dev environment with your team, and run your project on any machine with the exact same packages and configuration

Isolated, Local Shells on any Machine

Start by defining a list of packages and scripts for your project, and Devbox builds an isolated dev environment. No Docker or virtual machines required.

80,000+ packages, powered by Nix

Devbox provides an approachable, intuitive interface for creating development environments with the Nix Package Manager, without the Nix language

Open Source and Community Driven

Devbox is an open-source project built by Jetpack.io with support from the community. Join the core team and thousands of developers who love Devbox

How it Works

Jetpack builds tools that make it easy to build, deploy, and scale complex cloud applications in Kubernetes with minimal configuration. Our solutions are built from experience at some of the largest technology companies in the world to help your project achieve it's full potential.
"packages": [
"shell": {
"init_hook": [
"poetry install"
"scripts": {
"start": "poetry run python -m main.py",
"test": "poetry run pytest"
Define your project packages and scripts in Devbox.json
Devbox's CLI and JSON format make setting up a project easy. No Dockerfiles or complex Nix derivations just to get started
Choose from over 80,000 packages
Leverage Nix's reproducible builds and environment isolation to easily install packages for your project and architecture.
Easy configuration with Devbox Plugins
Plugins automatically configure packages like PostgreSQL, Nginx, Caddy, and PHP, so you can start coding immediately.
Build and develop your project in an isolated Devbox Shell
Devbox creates an isolated development environment based on your devbox.json in one step
The same dependencies on every machine
Devbox pins your dependencies on installation and uses Nix packages to reproduce the same environment on any supported operating system and architecture.
Automate tasks within your shell or CI/CD
Devbox makes it easy to run scripts and tasks within the context of your shell. Run tasks in the same reproducible dev environment, locally or on your CI/CD system.
Devbox Cloud
Remote development environments powered by Nix
✓ Created a virtual machine in Sunnyvale, California (US)
✓ File syncing started
→ Connecting to virtual machine
✓ Downloading version 0.2.2... [DONE]
✓ Verifying checksum... [DONE]
✓ Unpacking binary... [DONE]
Installing nix packages. This may take a while... done.
Starting a devbox shell...
(devbox ☁️ ) ~/test 💫 watching for changes
Take your project anywhere with Devbox Cloud Beta

Devbox Cloud gives you an instant Cloud Virtual Machine for your Devbox project, with all your packages and configuration pre-installed

Instant, fast cloud dev environments

Devbox Cloud runs on fast, Edge VMs around the world, so you can spin up a cloud dev environment wherever you are.

Start a Cloud IDE from your terminal or browser

Run Devbox Cloud from your terminal to use your own IDE and tools, or open Devbox.sh from your browser to code anywhere.

Dev Environments for any Language

Get started with Devbox using one of our example projects. Get an isolated Python, NodeJS, Ruby, or Golang dev environment up and running on any operating system, or deploy a full Rails, PHP + Postgres, or Jekyll application anywhere


Loved by Thousands of Developers

Devbox empowers developers across a wide range of industries and projects. Easily create dev environments cloud infrastructure, data science, or open source projects

With Devbox it's been so easy to share developer environments with my instructors and other developers. They're truly portable and don't require Docker to run.

Tao Hansen
Developer Advocate, Garden.io

Devbox has been a game changer for our team. Onboarding new developers has never been easier and our CI/CD never looked cleaner. We highly recommend Devbox to any team looking to improve their development workflow.

George Antoniadis
Software Engineer, Nimona

Power Up your Developer Productivity

Devbox helps solve your dev environment provisioning headaches, and keeps developers productive and focused on what matters.

Testing New Packages

Try new tools and frameworks without modifying your host machine. Install and run packages on demand, then delete the dev environment when finished.

Eliminate Toil

Automate the setup and package installation for your dev environment with init hooks. Bundle common development tasks into reusable scripts

Easy Preview Environments

Devbox bundles your configuration with code, so you can preview branches or pull-requests for any repo. You can run preview environments in the browser with Devbox Cloud

Instant Developer Onboarding

Ramp up and onboard new developers without complicated shell scripts or guides. Just install Devbox, run devbox shell, and get started coding

High Fidelity CI/CD Testing

Use Devbox to reproduce your test environment across localhost and CI/CD build hosts. Use Github Actions to create workflows from your scripts

Maintain multiple projects

Devbox tracks the packages for each of your projects in an isolated and reproducible Nix shell. Develop isolated projects with conflicting dependencies on the same machine.


Join the community

Discuss ideas, uses and builds with the Jetpack team and others.